Dans le cadre du séminaire « NUDGE » coorganisé par ETHICS (EA 7446) et le CERSA (UMR 7106), nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à la prochaine séance de notre séminaire qui accueillera Christine CLavien, Université de Genève, sur le thème suivant : « Ethics of nudges: a general framework with a focus on shared preference justifications ».

Nudges are soft interventions designed to influence human behaviour. They are increasingly used by policy-makers around the world and generate heated controversies over their ethical acceptability. In this paper, I depict nudges as science-based technologies, point to new ethical responsibilities they raise – when they are used but also when they are not used – and to the necessity of establishing clear assessment criteria. I then elaborate a general framework for assessing the acceptability of particular nudges. The second part of the paper focuses specifically on “shared preference justifications”, that is, arguments of the sort “nudges help people make better choices as judged by themselves.” I explain why constructing shared preference justifications is important but difficult, and propose a framework for doing so. This framework takes autonomy concerns seriously without overstating them.

L’entrée est libre et gratuite.

Date: Vendredi 12 mai – 14:00 – 16:00

Lieu: Maison des Chercheurs – 5eme étage 60bis, rue du Port 59000 Lille